Dear “Blagnacaises”, dear “Blagnacais”,


The project I am proposing to all of you is the result of a collective teamwork, built with and for the Blagnac inhabitants.

Therefore, we have launched a survey, organized several thematic workshops and set up participatory public meetings.

Please bear in mind that this  is not the project of one man, but of an entire  team of women and men with strong convictions and without any partisanship.

It is bold and innovative as well as necessary, looking towards the future  because we believe that it is  essential for our city . It’s concrete and achievable.

Some of the proposals will be for sure debated, while others will seem to be shocking to those in favor of inaction.

I will definitely take the risk to change something because I truly think that we must turn our city into  an innovative city,  peaceful in terms of urban planning, in terms of travel and safety, attentive to the most modest, welcoming for newcomers while respecting the well-being of the Blagnac citizens.

Our common thread: the accessibility for citizens to all public facilities, proximity and quality services that the city has to offer today.


This project offers new opportunities for Blagnac. It’s a precise commitment made to the “Blagnacais”.

It is not a catalogue of vain promises but a coherent whole which aims to meet the challenges of the present and also of the future.


I know how distrustful citizens are about political programs and those who carry them out.

However, the respect we owe voters is to tell them clearly what we want to do and how.

This is the subject of this leaflet which summarizes our program.

I am convinced that its implementation will allow everyone to live in a city that is more supportive, safer, more respectful of its environment and for sure resolutely focused on the future.


Yours sincerely ,


Marc Pozza

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Pour les Blagnacais
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